Planning and Project Management
  • Determine moving timeline and coordinate with family
  • Measure and photograph the new space and current furniture and possessions
  • Design floor plan for new home
  • Plan for utility changes
  • Arrange packer and mover schedules
  • Plan for house clearing and closing
  • Sort through and review items with our experienced Professional Organizers
  • Assist in decision making (final choice always rests with the client or family)
  • Determine what to give to family and which things to disperse
Unpack and Resettle
  • Unpack and remove boxes
  • Arrange furniture according to the floor plan
  • Organize and put everything away
  • Set up kitchen and bathrooms
  • Connect telephone and electronics (if needed)
  • Make the beds and hang pictures
  • Work with family and/or attorney to inventory, share and ship valuable¬†possessions
  • Sell unwanted items via yard sale, tag sale, estate sale, auction, or best method
  • Donate, recycle, or haul remaining household goods to empty the house
  • Professionally clean house so it is ready to sell
  • Services can be purchased in any combination needed to support you and your family
  • Most services are billed by hour
  • We offer¬†a complimentary visit to meet you and provide an estimate for the services requested
  • Deposit of 50% of the estimate will hold your selected move date
  • All credit cards accepted